“All of life is education and everybody is a teacher and everybody is forever a pupil”
Abraham Maslow

“I hear…I forget
I see…and I remember
I do…and I understand”
Ancient Chinese Proverb

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
WB Yates

Welcome to Risdene Academy, the first Primary Academy to open in the Rushden & Higham Ferrers area to offer children and families something that is unique. The Academy is working in partnership with The Education Fellowship in order that its children receive an excellent education and have opportunities that will enrich their time at Risdene and prepare them for life.


 At Risdene Academy the safeguarding of our children is a high priority. 

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Have a wonderful Summer Holiday and we look forward to welcoming you back to school on Tuesday 5th September 2017 at 8.50am.

Please remember to order any school meals by Tuesday 29th August. If you have any queires regarding your childs meals then please contact:

Chartwells creative kitchen contact: 01908 615705

Chartwells creative kitchen email: creativekitchenadmin2@compass-group.co.uk


Year 5 Stories

Year 5 have been working hard, taking part in a writing competition. For a whole day, working in small groups, the children had to write, illustrate and publish their own story following strict parameters. Each story had to include:


Human Character 1                      Pilot

Human Character 2                      Bell ringer

Non-Human Character                Labrador

Setting                                            A Lighthouse

Issue                                               The night the storm came…


Words to include in the book:     Machinery, Tulip, Sadly, Powerful, Melancholy 



Another criteria stipulated that the children had to work without support or influence from an adult. Completely unaided and working independently, as you will see from the occasional spelling or punctuation error, the Year 5 children took up the challenge and produced some fantastic stories. We are all extremely proud of what they have created. The completed stories will be sent to the local hospitals for other children to enjoy on the children's wards. We hope that you enjoy reading the stories as much as Year 5 enjoyed producing them.


The Terrible Tragdegy dms/risdene/ICT/The-terrible-tragedy/The%20terrible%20tragedy.pdf

The night of the messed up twins dms/risdene/ICT/The-night-of-the-messed-up-

 Life Survival dms/risdene/ICT/Life-survival/Life%20survival.pdf

 The night the storm came dms/risdene/ICT/The-night-the-storm-came/The%20night%20the%20storm%20came.pdf

Timmy and Timms adventure dms/risdene/ICT/Timmy-andTims-adventure/Timmy%20andTims%20adventure.pdf


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